Our Clients

With a wide range of experience specializing in corporate housing and executive travel, Reliant Worldwide can customize our services to suit your needs.

Business Travel / Temporary Assignment

Offering fully furnished accommodation across Canada, Reliant Worldwide offers the convenience and ease of accommodation placement assistance. With an expansive network reaching coast to coast, we offer furnished apartments, corporate housing and executive suites to suit your needs.

Offering accommodation assistance coast to coast, we put forth what you need based on preferences, location and budget.

HR / Relocation

We know how important it is, to ensure a seamless transition for relocating employees and their families. Our goal is to ensure that we put forth the most suitable and comfortable furnished housing options available lowering the costs and expenditures during travel or relocation, so that you can focus on other relocation tasks. We work with you and your employees from point of contact to end of stay, providing one point of contact whether assisting with move in, maintenance, move-out to 24 hour emergencies, to ensure a seamless and ease of stay.

Real Estate / Home Buyers Between Homes

Whether you are in between homes, in the middle of renovating or building a  new home, we offer accommodation assistance to ensure you find what you need. We focus on the most comfortable options that are closest to your neighbourhood or work based on your personal preference. Fully furnished apartments and accommodations offer you all the comforts of home during your temporary transition, easing any disruption while you await completion of renovations or for your new home. We offer spacious fully furnished accommodations for individuals and families, as well as pet friendly locations. We are here to assist you!

Government / Military Personnel

Fully furnished accommodations are a cost effective alternative to staying in hotels during your temporary assignment, duty or contract without sacrificing quality or comfort.  Located near public transit, major highways, grocers, restaurants and all other amenities. Working with multiple government avenues for accommodation placement, we offer direct billing to your department, direct tenant billing for reimbursement and more!

Insurance Clients / Claims Adjusters

We know that after a natural disaster, flood, fire or circumstances that displace you from your home, first priority is to settle in to your temporary accommodations. We understand that this transition can be emotional and difficult. Working directly with insureds and agents, we ensure immediate solutions and put forth furnished options as close to your home and neighbourhood so children remain in the same schools, parents can maintain their same schedules and transit routes to work and maintain the highest level of normalcy possible.

We also offer immediate move-ins and guarantee furnished housing options are provided within 24 hours. Working with all of the top insurance carriers across Canada, we understand the importance in maintaining an efficient and quick claims process. Our role is to ensure a smooth relationship and tailored assistance though out the duration of every claim.

Entertainers / Sports Professionals

Looking for a nice spacious deluxe property  providing privacy and all the comforts of home? We work with many production companies and sport teams across Canada arranging comfortable deluxe furnished accommodations ensuring the utmost in privacy during your stay. Offering suitable locations near sets, production offices, sports venues and more!


Moving to a new country can be a daunting task! We offer a range of furnished housing options to suit your needs and make settling in, that much easier. Whether you want to live in the center of it all and get to know your new city or prefer a more quite residential neighbourhood. We provide the most suitable options for your temporary stay, so you have more time to settle in and tend to all other aspects that come with moving to a new country! Peace of  mind and ease.

Leisure Travelers

Taking a vacation and require an extended stay apartment or visiting family for a short term stay? Enjoy all the comforts of home with fully furnished kitchens, spacious living and dining areas, ensuite laundry and more! For stays of 30 nights or longer, we offer a vast array of locations close to tourist hot spots, shopping sectors, restaurants, transit and more!

Patients Under Medical Care

Having medical treatments and concerns about health can be difficult and stressful.  We offer locations within a wide budget range close to hospitals, medical treatment facilities and more! Having a home away from home can provide some comfort and a more peaceful place for you or family to rest and live during a temporary time of need.