Guest Registration Details

To ensure we have the details we need to to assist all guests and are able to register required information with the property, please provide the following details. Some information is requested due to the current circumstances of Covid-19. Many properties are temporarily restricting onsite guest registration and therefore these details are pertinent for us to provide remotely. As well, we want to ensure that all guests are notified of specific requirements and challenges of travel depending on the province/territory travelling to.

Guests may be required to complete and submit property specific guest registration forms prior to arrival. Your Corporate Housing Specialist will provide these forms electronically at time of booking. Should you have any questions regarding the information being submitted, please contact us at and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.


Government of Canada: COVID-19: Travel, testing, quarantine and borders

Guest Information

Vehicle Registration Information (if applicable)

To ensure your vehicle will be registered with the property, please provide the following if applicable:

Emergency Contact Information

To ensure we are able to reach someone in the event of an emergency, please provide guest and/or company contact after hours/weekend emergency contact information.

Travel Information/Guest Self Declaration

Many provinces/territories have implemented their own isolation/quarantine requirements. To ensure guests adhere to these requirements many properties are asking for more detailed information. To balance privacy and assist with providing beneficial information we kindly ask guests to provide the following:
I, the above noted guest/representative confirm the above information is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and give Reliant Worldwide Inc. consent to submit and/or provide the information I have given to the respective building/property management offices, providers and/or owners on my behalf as part of the guest registration requirement. I have read the information contained in the Government of Canada: Covid-19 Travel, testing, quarantine and borders link included above and will comply with all current requirements set out and understand the rules and requirements of self-isolation and acknowledge and accept any breach will result in the immediate termination of my accommodations. Reliant Worldwide, owners and/or providers are not liable whatsoever for any misinformation or lack of disclosure I provide. I agree to indemnify Reliant and all affiliated parties involved with or providing the accommodations against loss, injury, damage, cost, action or cause of action of any nature whatsoever including any impact or result of Covid-19.

I also acknowledge and confirm to observe all local public health measures including self isolation requirements if/where necessary, physical distancing, mask wearing and restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed to gather within the municipality where my accommodations reside.

Would you like a copy of your submission?

Should you wish to receive a copy of your submission, please provide your email address below: