Many guests are not aware that their personal belongings or liability are not covered under a property’s insurance. In short term furnished housing, most guests are surprised when their cat damages the sofa, a portion of carpet is destroyed or item is damaged beyond repair that the full item replacement cost is applicable. This is considered beyond normal wear and tear and the cost of replacement is the responsibility of the guests. The same applies to personal belongings if damaged or stolen.

Most companies transferring their employees no longer cover damages and/or liability. The responsibility then falls on the guest and the costs can be more expensive than many realize.

Although providers and/or landlords likely have insurance of their own, their insurance will not cover your personal belongings or your liability.  This leaves your personal belongings without protection. Further, if you were found liable for damages to the building or accidental injury of someone, standard policy within agreements is that the guest is responsible for those costs.

Renters Insurance can provide the coverage you need to avoid unforeseen costs, especially when those costs can be very high.

Renters Insurance can provide coverage and peace of mind!

Often called contents insurance, this protects your personal belongings such as your clothing, electronics, furniture, bicycle, etc. These items are normally covered no matter where they are, whether in your temporary residence or not. This is especially beneficial to replace items if they become damaged or stolen.

  • If your bicycle is stolen
  • If your laptop or cell phone is damaged by water

Replacement Cost refers to the cost of repairing or replacing your contents today regardless if the cost is higher than the cost of your item when originally purchased. Actual Cash Value means you would just receive what your item is worth today. This most likely would not cover the cost to replace with a new or current item.

Protect yourself and the people in your home in case you’re sued with tenant liability insurance. You’re covered if someone gets hurt while visiting or for damage you may unintentionally cause.

  • You drop a glass of red wine on the carpet and the repair requires carpet replacement
  • You leave the bath running by accident and it causes a flood into the unit and/or neighbouring units
  • You have a friend or family member visit and by accident they trip and injure themselves

If you are a tenant and a pet owner, renters liability insurance is usually the easiest way for you to get liability coverage to protect yourself if your pet ever injures someone or damages property, whether inside or outside of your residence. Liability coverage gives you financial protection against any costs associated with the incident, up to your policy’s limits.

  • Your dog bites someone or uses the dining chair leg as a chewy
  • Your cat loves the sofa as their new scratch post

If your pet is excluded from liability coverage because of its species or breed, other options, such as a personal umbrella policy, may be necessary. Ensure to confirm with an insurer if pet damage/liability is covered within the standard policy or if it is an available add-on.

Renters insurance pet liability coverage limits

Your renters insurance company will only cover your liability claims for qualifying events up to a certain limit. You can typically choose the liability coverage limit, though standard renters insurance liability coverage extends up to $100,000 of costs associated with legal costs or damages. Beyond the limit, you will be responsible for paying liability costs yourself.

When deciding on your coverage limit, it is recommended you carefully consider the likelihood that damages will happen, the severity of those potential damages and your personal risk tolerance.

Pet liability exclusions

Ensure to confirm whether your policy has any exclusions that would not cover certain items or events. As well that your pet’s species or breed is not excluded under your liability policy. Some insurers do have a list of specific dog breeds that they will not cover.

Normally there may be a deductible for personal item claims. Speak to your insurer regarding deductible amounts. Insurance cost varies depending on the amount of deductible you choose.

Personal belongings and/or liability may be covered should you have a current home owners policy and are traveling on assignment or in temporary accommodations.

If you have home insurance we highly recommend you contact your insurance agent to confirm any coverage for liability and/or your personal items while travelling. Alternatively if you do not have home insurance, we suggest arranging temporary coverage.

Alternatively, there are many companies that provide month to month tenant insurance to cover your liability and your belongings during your travel. Ensure to verify the extent of full coverage or add-ons required for liability, personal belongings and/or pet liability/damage coverage. It can save you a lot of time and money for those unexpected scenarios and give you peace of mind!